Media Publication about the Shinjinbukan

A series of 5 student manuals written and published by Onaga sensei. The first 3 in the series have been published. English translations notes of the first 2 are avialable. The Japanese edition (while supplies last) can be purchased from most large Japanese language bookstores. (try if you are interested)
An article written about Onaga sensei and the Shinjinbukan
A Japanese language martial arts magazine exposé on Onaga Yoshimitsu Kancho and Onaga Michiko sensei. (Published in Mar 2007)

A PDF copy of the article is available for download.
An NHK  full length TV documentary "The Treasures of Japan". Hosted by CW Nicol. This documentary shows several Okinawa Karate schools including Onaga sensei's Shinjinbukan Hombu Dojo. (Your best bet to view this would be to search on YouTube)
Volumes 1 & 2 of "Okinawa Karate". This documentary was filmed in Okinawa and shows the 3 major branches of karate. It features Onaga Yoshimitsu Kancho, Michiko sensei and Kogan sensei as representatives of the Shorin-ryu lineage. (reviews  and  ordering)
The Shinjinbukan Association has an offical song. This CD was published, professionally recorded and produced in Tokyo at the music department of a major university.
Daniel Kogan sensei collaborated in producing the Tuttle Dictionary of the Martial Arts. He was the editor responsible for all Japanese and Okinawa entries. (Still available on Amazon)

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